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See Ya Around, Ernest. It’s Been Fun.

August 19th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Good Bye Ernest

The MasterMy 70 Days With Hemingway And Me are over.

Ernest and I had a grand time together. He regaled me with countless tales (10 novels worth in fact) that covered a wide variety of subjects. If I had to condense everything I gleaned from him – condensation being the sincerest form of flattery in this case – I would do so in this fashion:

War is hell
Life is fleeting
Absinthe is numbing
Love is illusion
Bullfighting is crass
Paris is hedonistic
Writing is observation
Fishing is manly
Hunting is manlier
Fighting is manliest
Journalism is noble
Michigan is home
Sun is rising
Bell is tolling
Having is not

And, perhaps the most important of all:

Life is for living. So live it well, when and how you can.

Then write about it and make a fortune.

Just don’t move to Idaho.


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  • Michael

    I’m just a little befuddled at the Bullfighting is crass insight. Hemingway, if anything, saw the Matador as the apotheosis of man–a messiah figure–and bullfighting as the ultimate metaphor for how a human being can live his or her life to the fullest.

    Unless you’re making a joke and I missed it, in which case I’m horribly sorry =)

  • Bill

    Thanks for stopping by, Michael.

    I think you’re putting too much thought into my comment. You sound like a university professor! I wish I had your knowledge and expertise of Hemingway’s literary intentions. Alas.

    No, you’re correct. I was just joking. I know how much Hemingway revered bullfighting, for whatever reason. The comment was what *I* thought of bullfighting. I think it’s crass.

    Living life to the fullest, now, that I see with Hemingway – in spades. The man lived his life as very few can, or ever will.

    Again, thanks for stopping by. I hope you found a few things of interest here.


  • Tom

    Hi, Bill,

    I did a search on “To Have and Have Not” and your blog popped up.
    “The Sun Also Rises” and “A Farewell To Arms” were two of my favorite books in high school, and, again, in college, and are still among my favorite novels WAY later in life. Now, I find myself also working my way through the rest of the Hemingway section of the bookcase.
    I haven’t finished “To Have and Have Not”, but, I can tell you it won’t be in my ‘to be reread’ pile. What a mess!
    I will be returning to your blog to see how your project worked out. Glad I found your blog.

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